Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stuff to Write About

I made a list of things to write about. I'm not sure that anything listed below will actually hold the attention of anyone that happens to read my blog. For lack of better things to write about, I'll let you read my list.

1. boogers
2. farts
3. stinky brats that cry at the drop of a hat. No cinnamon rolls for You!
4. Blues Clues dude, Joe.
5. Flush the TOILET!
6. the size of my dust bunnies. the monstrosities must be eliminated soon before they take over and form a regime against my duster.
7. my blog stinks. like rotting cheese left in your car. you can't figure out where the stench is coming from but you know it's there.
8. I play the Sims on the PC and the xbox.
9. And the PSP.
10. Who decided putting hydrogenated oils in food was a good thing?
11. Why do I still eat the crap even though I know it's bad
12. Politics? um. nah.
13. Science? double nope
14. And the gameboy.
15. All of my soured jokes. unfortunately for you, i'm not entirely funny. sometimes you can find humor in my weirdness, but it's never a premeditated act by me.

After rereading my list, it does seem these are things I should not be writing about. Back to the laundry I go. Where my thoughts can remain weird and not visible for anyone to see.

1 comment:

Cheri said...

But I see them and you get weirder everytime I read your blog. LOL Kidding!