Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Max the Cat

This blog is suffering from a little rigor mortis, and I think it's about time I post something. So here it is:
Max the Cat

Max the Cat

Name: Max
Nicknames: Max-ammillion, Maxi Pad (I have weird friends), MAX GET!

*Getting a quick sniff of the fresh air when we open the front door (he's an inside cat only)
*Favorite Food: Tortilla chip crumbs
*Favorite Beverage: Soapy Bath Tub water
*Favorite Human: that would be Me!
*Girlfriend: Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake

*Sport: chasing down crickets and breaking off one of their legs and watching them twitch with pain as they scurry to seek shelter from their fanged monster eating predator.
*Favorite Place to hang: Back of my desk chair...he wasn't in the mood for a picture, I'll have to show you later. He can be so finicky when it comes to photos.
*Favorite Place to snooze: warm laundry on couch, Belle's bed with Strawberry Shortcake

*Being rubbed on the belly
*stray cats that perch themselves on the outside of our windows
*when I kill the bugs in the house before he gets to torture them

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