Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another walk


The weather has been perfect lately, so I went for another walk. The kids didn't go with, I just like their cheesy grins and thought I would share. So, I'm out on my walk, all by my lonesome. There weren't very many people out and about. Other than the occasional dog barking...(I just realized that my blog has spell check! Is this new? COOL!) Anyway, I'm strolling along trying to breathe in the fresh air and listen to the nothingness of the crickets chirping and birds singing, when I notice a dog in his front yard.

He eyeballs me for a second and I try not to look directly at him, mostly out of fear that he'll come and bite my ass off or something. Well, he starts to wag his little tail and approaches me ever so slowly. He stops, sits and just stares. As I make my way around the side of the house, because that's where the sidewalk is leading, he stands up and follows while staying within the perimeter of his yard. I turn back to look at him, because he seems nice enough, and he wags his tail and inches a little closer. I keep walking at the same pace and he continues to follow me about. I pass a car that's in his view of me, and turn back to say goodbye and he's standing on his back legs trying to peer over the car to get one last look at me. I grin and wave and he turns back to go sit on his porch.

When I started my walk, I briefly thought to myself "it would be nice to have a dog to walk." We had a dog once, who was a milder version of Cujo. She only tried to eat my kid's face off a couple of times. We had throat:: ..find her another home. Anyway, as I passed the little dog on my walk, I bet he wondered why I wasn't walking a dog. I bet he pegged me to be the sort that wasn't a great dog owner. Either way, I was just really glad he didn't bite me.


THE Michael said...

I bet he was thinking, "boy, I'd bet you'd be good with a leash! I bet you'd take me somewhere more interesting than this boring old yard, I bet......"

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