Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ever So Happy

Yet another fashion don't. I have no idea where that skirt came from or why I chose to put it on my body. After the wrangler wearing phase, I suppose I went through an old lady phase. I'm flipping through photos praying I don't see myself in a muumuu. The wildly ugly pattern in my skirt must have forced Mike to propose before it got any worse.

When I turned eighteen, I was having a hard time adjusting to the fact that responsibility was a character trait that I needed to automatically possess. I dropped out of school about 3 months before graduation (got my GED 6 months later), smoked pot all day long, and cried about what I should do with my life. To make a long story short, I met a preacher's son, who invited me to church. I went, God said "Hey, Here I am" and I was hooked. So, I continued going, and met Mike there a month later.

He moved to Louisiana from Indiana to go to this little Bible college/cult that was spawned from the church. As you can tell, I don't have many fond memories of this place either. I met God and Mike there, so I don't count it a complete waste of my life and energy. Mike, being the painfully shy person that he is, decided it would be a completely wonderful idea if he proposed to me during a skit in the middle of "college days" (basically other churches sent their teen groups to visit).

So, I was proposed to during the "Ugliest Creature" skit in front of 200 people. So romantic. Basically, someone gets under a blanket as the ugliest creature and a couple of the people in the audience know what's going on and they're selected to go up "if they dare" and look upon the ugliest creature. One glance from this creature causes one to fall to a sudden death. yadda yadda. So, two people are selected from the audience, they go up, fall down dead, and are carried away. The third person has no clue what's going, goes up, looks at the ugliest creature, and the ugliest creature falls down dead. It's a riot!

Anyway, I was the third person, but the ugliest creature threw off the blanket and got down on one knee to propose, rather than the traditional falling down dead. I'm sure he wanted to though. He was so nervous. His hands were shaking so bad, he couldn't get the ring on my finger. The proposal mixed with getting to actually touch me "with permission" was probably all his poor body could handle.

Almost 10 years together, 8 years married and 2 children later, he's still the most handsome ugliest creature I've ever met.


Cheri said...

AWWW that is such a sweet story! IT is so sweet I think I am going to puke! lol just kidding! And trust me the skirt is nothing compared to some of the stuff I wore lol

Jessica said...

Well, now you have to whip out some old photos. I'd love to see a "big banged scrunchy socked" Cheri picture.