Monday, November 06, 2006

Fortuitous Finds

The last few days my blog has left something to be desired. My posts are seriously lacking and I must say I'm very disappointed in myself. I know I can come up with better material than a youtube video of a vlogging alien and the dry details of my walking adventures.

Maybe I can't. There will at least be more effort in the future. The NaBloPoMo randomizer has come in handy. I've been reading lots of wonderful blogs lately. Most of which are far more interesting than what I've got to say. I thought I would list a few of the blogs I've stumbled upon.

Losing True
Big Girl Underoos
A Dingo Ate my Baby
Other Side of My Head

Now I'm off to find ways to redecorate this place. I see a new obsession in my future. Blog design here I come.

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