Thursday, November 02, 2006

Various Things

The older I get the more often I catch myself using my fingernail to pick my teeth. Either that's an old age thing or a hillbilly thing.

When I burn candles all day I get black boogers. Doesn't sound promising for the lungs. (my friend gets lint boogers after folding laundry, I can't really top that one)

My husband and I have a new obsession: The Office
We've been netflixing the episodes and can't stop watching the dvd once we've started it. Shamelessly addicted to the laughter.

I need to go now, he's starting disc 3 without me....


Contrary said...

I think I have you beat. I'm a dog groomer and I get dog hair boogers.

Do try not to be jealous.

Colleen said...

The Office is the best TV around!