Monday, December 04, 2006

CHU-ey !!!

My husband got a big hug from Chubaka this past Saturday. He confessed it was a bit intimidating being semi-choked by the big moth smelling Chu-ey. DSC00975


Ayelet said...

Hey, thanks for using the badge! glad you liked it :)

I have a photo with Chewbaka from Disneyworld - but he didn't have the cool santa hat on!


Kirsten said...

People dressed up as star wars characters, kinda freak me out.

Candice said...

O. My. Gawd! Something living (human or otherwise) is taller than Mike!? Call The World Almanac... there's a new tall guy in town.
No, seriously.. was that guy on stilts, or what? He looked well over a foot taller than Mike and I'm pretty sure... that's not possible.
Did ya get all your Xmas shopping done, yet?

Jessica said...

I spelled "Chewbacca" wrong. I'm surprised I wasn't lynched.