Tuesday, April 24, 2007

what's my password?

There's nothing more annoying than having a thousand different online accounts. But even more annoying than that is forgetting the password to the most important one of all. My blog.

Instead of boring you with all the day to day details of my life since my last post, I'll recap a few special moments with pictures...

Belle blowing out the candles on her cheesy last minute cake
Belle turned 5 on April 17
Belle's birthday at the park
She had her birthday party on April 21

lots of fun friends
Playing in the dirt with friends is the best!

Now that she's five, she believes she can conquer the world. She no longer needs mommy around, that's for sure. She informed daddy that she no longer needed her car seat. He calmly suggested that she write her congressmen.

::Weight loss update:: I've lost about 13lbs and 4inches total in the last 6 weeks. Still chugging along. The gym has become my new favorite place, as well as the bathroom. I drink lots of H2O.

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