Sunday, May 20, 2007

Not Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

We decided to fix up the planters in front of the house that had become overgrown and hideous. As we're breaking a sweat and pulling a few muscles in the front yard, the little neighbor girl comes over to play with Belle. The neighbor girl and "Bellarina" (as the neighbor girl calls her) ride their bikes in the cul-de-sac for a bit then decide to grab some water bottle waters out of our cooler and sit on our porch to take a break from their 5 minute bike ride.

Mike and I are casually chatting about the bricks that line our planters as we're cultivating the earth and adding new soil. A little voice butts in to our conversation, "We stole some of your bricks." I look up at her trying not to look shocked and say, "Really, why did you do that?" She looks at me all innocent with her 5 year old chubby cheeks and says, "My mom didn't have enough to finish her flowers, so she told my big sister to come get some of yours." I breath in calmly trying to take in her confession in an unassuming way. "Why didn't you just knock on my door and ask me?" She replies in a duh sort of voice, "You weren't home."

Well, sure we weren't home. Stealing them wouldn't have been much fun had I been sitting on my front porch. Since we're 'sharing' I've been wanting to add railing to my porch. I suppose it would be alright to use some of theirs. Only if they aren't home, of course.

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Sock Girl said...

Oh. My.

If you run out of flowers in those planters, I hear there's some nearby ;-)