Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dinner = Laughter

The 5 of us sit at the table impatiently waiting for our food. We have an appointment at 8pm with a woman in the Wal-mart parking lot. You see, she may or may not have my friend's new family addition. A kitten.

Our waitress is your typical run-of-the-mill type. Make-up caked on, no emotion and moving at a snails pace. She's also a bit older, so she makes statements that seem to curl up at the end into a question mark. "You son drank his mik fas?" She says this with a Korean style southern twang.

She approaches our table, assures us our food will be out shortly, even though it seems that we've been sitting there waiting just shy of a millennium. Our food finally arrives and we plunge in not really tasting much of what we're devouring. Since we're trying to keep an appointment, when the waitress swings by to refill our drinks we politely ask for the check. "You jes got you food. You wan check alweady?"

The waitress gives a chuckle and as she walks out of ear distance, my friend taps her watch and says, "Hurry up please, we have a satanic ritual to get to." People to meet and things to sacrifice. I laugh until my face turns red and people are staring. My friend gently reminds me that I would not have thought this was so funny 3 years ago. Just this once, she is right.

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