Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today I learn...

...to appreciate time.

I shamefully admit that I deny my child the right to ride her bike on a warm spring day. This is not something that I like about myself. Since last summer I've had to explain to her that she couldn't ride her bike because it needed air in the tires. During the winter months, I could always use the weather as an excuse to keep from having to sit out in my front lawn to watch her ride her bike in circles around the cul de sac. Sitting out in the front lawn is not high on the priority list of things to do in my day. For her birthday, she got a brand new purple stream wearing, water bottle sportin', flower spindle decor Princess bicycle. Yes, that is a lot of adjectives.

The temperature got to 80 degrees today, so I prepared myself for her pleas. As soon as she stepped off the bus, she was ready to ride. I got out the "slow kids playing" sign and pulled a patio chair to the front yard. I decided I would take the opportunity to read. I was just complaining that I don't get to do enough reading. After all, my six year old is fully capable of pedaling her bike without me staring at her every muscle contracting as she rides. Yes, I used to be that neurotic. I've calmed down slightly.

I became so engrossed in my book that I hardly noticed my butt throbbing in pain from the numbness. I didn't think about what time it was. For 2 solid hours, as I listened to both of my children play racing games in the distance, I sat and read. I drank every word. The only thing that could have made it better was a lemonade with a little paper umbrella. The sunsets' warm rays beating against my leg brought me back to reality. I placed the bookmark in my book, pulled my chair back to the deck and called the kids to put their bikes away. It was time for dinner and baths. I've made a date with my book for Thursday. My daughter will be elated.


Suse said...

Sounds good. I love it when my children need me to 'watch' them do something. I get a lot of knitting done that way.

Just read some of your previous posts. Do you read This Vintage Chica? She's a military wife too with a partner in Iraq.

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Kathryn said...

I'd love to know what you're reading!