Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lasagna and Laughs

I've been studying non-stop for 3 days. I'm not sure that I've retained much information but I'm positive that I'll at least recognize everything on the exam. Yesterday I decided we needed a break from chicken nuggets, so I was going to make lasagna. I finally got around to making it this evening and it was scrumptious. Mike even sat at the table with us. (Some days just do him in and he needs to keep his leg up, which usually means he's laying on the couch eating his dinner.) It was a good night. We conversed. The kids laughed until they threw up their lasagna. Good times.

Me: I forgot it was picture day.

Mike: Great! What'd the kids wear today?

Job: I wore a green shirt.

Belle: I wore this shirt.

Me: They're lucky they had their hair combed before school.

Belle: We looked like nerds. We were cupcakes!

Mike: Honey, I think you mean rag o' muffins.

Belle: Yeah!

Laughing begins. Job has to rush to the toilet. Laughter increases. Belle may need CPR. She's laughing so hard she can't breath. Mike and I just look at each other and grin.

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Kate said...

Nothing says great family time like laughing-till-you-puke! Cupcakes-- I love it:) I forgot picture day this year too-- and I didn't manage to remember to do the hair comb that morning. Can't wait to see what those shots look like....