Monday, September 11, 2006

Green Eggs

When I was a little girl, it creeped me out to watch my scrambled eggs turn green right before my eyes. I could never figure it out. I can remember asking my mom, "MOM! My eggs are turning green, what's going on?" I'm not even sure she listened to me half the time because I talked so much, she was able to tune me out real good. I can remember thinking to myself..."I don't want to eat green eggs. They look so gross. But if I don't finish them I'll get in trouble. But if I do finish them, will I turn green?" My mother scared me more than turning green, so I finished the eggs.

I'm not sure when I discovered the reason for the transforming eggs, but it still amazes me. Just in case you're wondering, I like to eat my eggs with a piece of jelly toast, which is what causes the eggs to turn green. Surprised I figured it out? Yeah, I was too. Now if only I can figure out a way to turn some ham green, I can really freak my kids out.


The Michael said...

I think it involves leaving a slice out on the kitchen island for about 3 days. Only by then it's also bound to have some moving poka dots. You're still a kid at heart, aren't you, gleefully posting about gross things....hehe.

Here's gross........sulfer in well water. You eventually get used to it and you don't smell it anymore, but till you do.....GROSS!

homo escapeons said...

I agree with the michael..leave it in the sun and add some mayonaise to speed up the process. eeww!

The Michael said...

It's about time another fan showed up!