Sunday, September 10, 2006


We, The Gators, had our first soccer game yesterday. I showed up and proceeded to the field that was listed on the schedule I was given only to find out, after carting a 30lb cooler full of gatorade around, that I had the wrong field schedule and we were on the wrong field. I'm sure you can imagine the smoke puffing out of my ears and sparks shooting out of my eye balls as my face turned beet red with anger. The youth sports department at Ft Campbell is probably the most unorganized sports organization. Seriously, how difficult is it to get paid to organize teams, buy t-shirts, and make sure the coaches are informed?

So, I get to our field and see the opposing teams' coach. She's wearing a complete soccer get up. Her shirt even had a soccer ball on it. She had on soccer cleats, and all her players were out warming up while she's going over her positioning chart one last time. As I'm trying to get our shirts on our team at the last minute, she's asking her team which girls still needed a matching ribbon scrunchie for their hair. The ribbons had soccer balls on them. *eye roll* After I let her know that I'll be taking some guidance from her, she proceeded to take every opportunity she could to make me feel like an idiot.

Did I know where to position them? Of course not. Did I know which direction we were running? Of course not. Did we win? Of course not. Did the kids have fun? You bet your sweet ass they did! They were ecstatic to be out there, just kicking the ball around. After the game we gathered around, put our hands together in the center of the circle, screamed our team name as loud as we could and felt like winners just because we were out there having fun.


The Michael said...

Next year, when you have some idea how to actually coach soccer, act just like you are now.....completely ignorant. They won't know what hit them! hehe

Jessica said...

he he ;-) How have you been? I neglect you so, my faithful reader.

Blogger said...

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