Friday, October 27, 2006

Belle + Precious = Belly

Nothing is as fun as having a daughter. A little miniature version of yourself, that inevitably ends up saying and doing everything you do. I suppose she thinks I'm cool, but she's only four, so I'm sure my coolness will fade with time. Much in the same way my looks are. Everything in her world is fun, unless of course she's not allowed to do something.
Water fun
Here she is brushing her teeth (which is code for play in water) while singing her rendition of Peter,Peter, Pumpkin Eater.
Peter Peter Eater Eater, Had a pumpkin wife in a shell, Pumpkin Peter Eater
Her day is one big musical. You can find her singing some of her earlier released singles entitled, "It's in my Heart" and "Twirly Skirts." The ABC song has been filling the air lately, but I'm eagerly awaiting her next masterpiece.

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The Michael said...

Boy, here I am getting ready to ditch the link because you just STOP posting, then I give it one last look, and POSTAFTERPOSTAFTERPOST is sitting there laughing at me snickering "where have YOU been?". I take it you had been messing with the new beta or something. Whatever, it's nice to see you back.

Your husband and I are very much alike in that we both have lovingly weird wives that we wouldn't trade for ANYthing........grin......

OK, I'll keep you!