Friday, November 17, 2006

A Must

Family and friends now know that I'm a 'blogger.' Yes, they are on guard now, wondering what they should or shouldn't say because it just may end up on my blog. I blog because I want to. Because I love it. "Because I am going to die. And so are you." And they are slowly coming to grips with the new me. The me that can no longer speak in coherent sentences because in my mind I'm typing every word I speak on my blog. I have visions of ingenious design headers and witty post titles swimming in my head. My family and friends must truly love me, because they are very accepting of the new blogger freak that I've become.

Anyone who blogs knows, that you can't be a true 100% blogger unless you read other blogs. NaBloPoMo has opened the door of a world I never knew existed and I MUST share my blog world with you, my faithful readers.* Here is a list of the blogs that I've been visiting every day, religiously. I just can't help it. Sometimes I forget that I've visited before I've removed the crust from my eyes in the morning and do it again only a dozen times throughout the day. Please don't be offended if your blog isn't on the list, I randomize A LOT and I'm sure I'll come across you.

Pea Soup
The Delaney Diaries
you, me, and a baby
Losing True
O, Pish Posh!
Stefanie Renee
Superhero Journal
Heather Anne
Mom to the Screaming Masses
between me&me
Candice, Interrupted
Notes to Self
patron saint of smart mouths
jen lemen
Big Girl Underoos
A Dingo Ate my Baby

*okay, so I only have one or two.


Jessi said...

Randomizing is the best (well, between that and reading other people's reviews like this one...and the one that brought me to your blog, lol)!

The Michael said...

I am sooooooo going to the corner and sob hysterically now......sob......sob.......sob

Blogger said...

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