Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Money Maker

Dinner Time Fun

Job (the first born): Hey mom, I want that new star wars game for Christmas

Dad: Get a job.

Job: You get a job.

Dad: I have a job, where do you think I go all day?

Job (shrugs shoulders)

Dad: Where do you think all your stuff comes from?

Job (he looks at dad for a brief second, grins and points to me)

Dad: What!? How do you think mommy pays for all that stuff?

Job: When we go to the store she gives them her 'dedit' card and I get my stuff. (He says this as he shovels a bite full of dinner in his mouth that he's sure mommy bought at the grocery store with her 'dedit' card.)

Apparently we need to talk to the children about money management. As well as the fact that money does not magically appear through the magnetic stripe on my debit card causing all dreams to come true.

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Cheri said...

Does Mike know you blogged his conversation? ;)