Monday, November 13, 2006



Every morning for the last 13 days, I've awakened to the whispers of my sweet little girl. She leans in very close and says in her itsy bitsy whisper, "mommy? mommy, can I have just two pieces of candy?"

I have a theory that she secretly wishes I'll be too asleep to respond, which she will be able to interpret as a yes. She will then pitter patter her itsy bitsy feet into her room, grab her little chair, and place it strategically next to the counter in the kitchen. She will climb up onto the chair, hoist herself up on the counter and reach on top of the refrigerator to grab her trick or treat bag full of glorious chocolate delights.

Unfortunately for her, I do hear her tiny little whisper every morning at 6:45am on the dot. I offer a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead, and her world seems just as sweet.

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