Tuesday, November 14, 2006


My four year old has sucked her thumb since in utero and is finding it very difficult to stop. My husband, having been a thumb sucker himself, doesn't want her having problems with her teeth. Throughout her day he gives her gentle reminders to help her kick the habit. Well, she's getting annoyed with his reminders, which is putting it lightly. And like most junkies, she's starting to get good at hiding her habit from the one person that bugs her about it the most.
Daddy: Stop sucking your thumb.
Daughter: hmmmph (sad face while she reluctantly takes her thumb out of her mouth)

Daddy waits a second outside of the door, while daughter waits a few seconds to make sure daddy is not watching. He peaks his head back in, notices she hasn't put her thumb back in her mouth and commends her on her obedience and her effort.
Daddy: Great job not sucking your thumb
Daughter: I don't really want to suck my thumb anyway Daddy (with such a mild mannered tone you actually believe for a split second she's serious)
Daddy: That's great sweetie, daddy is proud of you.

Two minutes later I walk by the room, her thumb blatantly shoved in her mouth and she's sucking on it so hard her eyes are scowled and her cheeks are moving so fast it looks as if she's about to suck the thumb right off. "Better get that thumb out of your mouth, daddy's coming!"

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Cheri said...

That so sounds like her! lol the little turky!
Good luck, I remember trying to get Tanner to quit! It is never easy but eventually she will quit.