Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dear Blog,

In high school, forever ago, there was something sweet about having a best friend. That one person you could tell your deepest secrets and you knew that she would never repeat it, not even to you. You could borrow each others clothes, and fix your hair the same, and talk about the boys you thought would never like you because you thought your size zero butt was too big. You shared make-up, car pools to school, and sometimes locker space. Everyone knew you were not just friends, but you were inseparable.

As an adult you can look back on those days and realize that you didn't cherish them the way you should have. In the midst of worrying about what you looked like, you took for granted something so great. Some people are lucky enough to have those friendships blossom into an everlasting friendship in adulthood, while others sever those ties for reasons that seem important at the time. Either way, the friendship changes. With maturity your views on the world and your place within it changes, as it should.

The regrets are sometimes immeasurable. You grow up and realize, with that maturity, that there were some things you wish you would have done differently. Everyone goes through this, especially with friendships. Maybe you wish you would have been more understanding, more supportive, or more honest. Either way, if you have a heart at all you learn and grow from the mistakes you've made. That's the grand thing about life. While our days are short, there is always time to make the necessary changes in life to set things straight. What a waste all of those years would be if I didn't stop and reflect on the mistakes I've made and not actively try to avoid making the same ones all over again.

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