Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Do Something

Every day feels the same. Wake up, get kid ready for school, drop kid off, feed other kid, dress kid, take other kid to school, do school work, clean something, take dog to poop, clean up poop. Every day the same. Things are happening, just nothing monumental. Or maybe I'm just not noticing. I should be more concerned by the fact that I don't notice the important things rather than fretting over whether or not things are happening.

I can remember when I once thought that growing up meant great things were going to happen. I can still vividly picture my parents when they were in their late thirties. I would come home from a friends at around 7pm to find my mother snoring on the couch and my father shirtless sitting in his recliner watching a movie he had seen 50 times before. I can remember thinking my adult life would definitely be more exciting. This is where someone chimes in to tell me that I'm just not seeing all the possibilities. I need to embrace my life and live each moment. right? Right.

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Sassy Pants said...

Despite the potential monotony to being a grown-up, membership has its privileges.

Why I like being a grown-up:
Ice cream for dinner.

Why my sister likes being a grown-up: Buying any kind of cereal you want (including Cookie Crisp)

Sounds like you're in a rut. As they say, admitting you have a problem is the first step. The next step is...well, damned if I know.

I have a bumpersticker says, "When was the last time you did something for the first time?" Can you answer that question? Even if that simply means trying a new dish at your favorite restaurant, or driving a different way when you chaffeur the kids around. Or learning to juggle, or ski, or make crepes, or macrame or something.

Good luck!