Saturday, March 10, 2007

Who needs an imagination when there's gamecube.

In my attempts to be the coolest mom ever, I tried to spend some quality creative time with the kids this week. I decided that it would be positively brilliant to turn all the empty cardboard boxes from our move into a magical medieval castle equipped with tower, tunnels and the works. The end result was two very uninterested children who disappeared to play Gamecube and toppled cardboard boxes connected by very cheap tape in my back yard.

castle tower

I understand, that as a parent, I've slightly failed my children. I've been so wrapped up in getting my own education and washing the dirt out of their laundry that I haven't spent very much time expanding their imagination with play time. I think we've lost our 7 year old to the impetuous world of video games. I have to admit that it tugged a bit at the heart strings when he began pouting once he realized I wanted to go outside to play and he wasn't going to get to play his Gamecube immediately after getting home from school.

Here's where I begin to tell you about my life as a child. When I was a kid, I spent all day into the dark hours outside playing on my bike or making mini cities in the dirt to drive my little brother's matchbox cars through. There wasn't a television in my bedroom, and the only time I was able to play video games was when I visited a friend. Her brother had a Nintendo and we played Spy vs. Spy all day long, but occasionally we would take a break to play on the slip n slide or make up our own dance routine in her living room.

I'm afraid my children are missing out on the fun and memories that come with strapping a sword through your belt loop and rescuing an invisible princess from a tower made out of a cardboard box castle. But not just any old cardboard box castle, one they made with me. I suppose that's the real problem. My own children don't want to play with me. *sniff sniff*

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