Monday, May 07, 2007

My car smells like dog drool

It is never a good idea to load a 70lb. greyhound into the front seat of a Honda Civic. I needed to get more dog food, which can only be purchased at Petsmart and I decided it would be a nice treat to take Vera (the greyhound) with us to get her nails clipped. They've come dangerously close to gouging out one of my eyeballs recently.

I instruct the kids to get in and buckle up. They, of course, are excited that we're bringing Vera with us. I proceed to clumsily lift Vera and place her in the front seat. The nice thing about greyhounds is that they curl up into a little ball when they lay down. Unbelievably so. Anyway, I sit in the driver seat, buckle up and think to myself, "This won't be so bad."


About 2 minutes later my 70lb greyhound decides she's not comfortable and I end up having dog ass in my face as I'm driving 45mph down a busy road. Not the most responsible of decisions, I know. As I'm struggling to get her to lay back down my 5 year old blurts out, "Mom, we need a smaller dog!"

We made it to Petsmart in one piece and I immediately called a friend to come to our rescue. Thank God for friends who are willing to rescue you in moments such as these.

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Cheri said...

Holy cow that is funny!!!