Friday, May 04, 2007

Myspace Detox

I have a confession. I'm shamefully addicted to myspace. I don't know if it's the thrill of signing on to find that I have a comment or message waiting, or if it's just the fact that everything else in my life is utterly boring. I've labored through dozens of myspace layouts to find the perfect one every other day. I take the cutest pictures of my children and paste them on my page for all of my old high school friends to see that I truly do have the best looking kids ever.

It truly is fun to be able to read a blog that someone I "used" to know wrote or to see the pictures of their beautiful family neatly displayed as a slideshow on the front page. I never feel like there is something slightly disturbing about having a myspace until I journey onto other people's pages. I may occasionally haphazardly stumble onto a myspace for a woman in her late 30's or her early 40's and realize that I'm not far behind them in age. I see their silly little graphics and the same cutsie pictures of their now teenage children; some of which are in their mother's top 8.

I click on their children's pages and find half naked girls or cooler than "the coolest kid in school" teenagers with their cool myspace layouts and their top 24 friends out of 200. That's when it hits me. I'm much to old to have a myspace. I'm much to old to sign on every day, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day to check my comments or add a blog entry. As I scrolled through my friends' list tonight, I realized that sometimes it's best to leave the past in the past. Connecting with high school friends is neat, but only in brevity. (There are certainly exceptions to this)

If I deleted my myspace page, would anyone notice? I would get 2 phone calls. One from my friend Cheri and one from Summer. Cheri would say, "What happened to your myspace? I wanted to leave you this funny comment I found." Summer would say, "You finally deleted it huh? I should too. I might after I finish this book." And that would be about all the inquiries I would receive on the matter. Life would go on. So, my next question is...Do you think a myspace addiction would be more like quitting smoking or crack?

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