Thursday, July 31, 2008

My lil' baker

Today I let my six year old try her hand at baking some cupcakes. She had the most fun! Awhile back I bought a cupcake cookbook that was loaded with simple tips on cupcake baking. One of the tips I never fail to use. The book suggested a ziploc bag to fill the cupcake liners with cake batter. I showed my daughter this technique and she did an excellent job.

Leave it to me to mess up her fun. When I took her little minis out of the oven, I accidentally hit my hand on the hot oven door and when I jumped her cupcakes flew everywhere. One landed on the bottom of the oven and caught fire. It was a bit traumatic but we were able to salvage two of her minis for decorating.

I found this child size cupcake baking kit at Cracker Barrel. I spotted it awhile back and recently they placed all their cupcake deco on clearance. I usually have a hard time resisting anything so darn cute. I'm just glad she enjoys baking. From now on I think I'll be putting her to work in the kitchen. :)

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