Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Have Wonderful Kids Awareness Month

With papers to write for school, midterms approaching, laundry to fold, meals to make, and dishes to scrub, I don't take enough time to get to know my kids. Mike and I get so many compliments about them from family, friends, and teachers. Everyone just loves a good dose of Job and Belle. They really are spectacular. I don't tell them nearly enough how wonderful they are. So, I'm declaring the month of October I Have Wonderful Kids Awareness Month.

10 Things I already know about Job
1. He's a Star Wars freak
2. He loves to blow bubbles with his gum
3. His favorite food is pizza
4. His lowest grade is a 92 average in his least favorite subject, Math
5. He loves creole seasoning on all his food (probably genetic)
6. He makes noises when he pretend fights causing spit to fly everywhere but he's totally in the zone
7. He can draw like nobody's business (at least for an 8 year old)
8. He has my dimples
9. He has his dad's sense of humor
10. He really does love his little sister, even though she pesters him

10 Things I already know about Belle
1. Her favorite color is pink
2. She can't sleep without a story before bed
3. She loves to sing, even in the middle of Wal-mart
4. Her heart is bigger than she realizes
5. She loves sweets
6. She looks like her dad with longer hair
7. She's reading like a pro even though she's seeing a speech therapist
8. She has to bring a purse with her everywhere she goes
9. She doesn't like seeing others sad or in pain
10. She really does love her big brother, even though she pesters him

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love this!!

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