Sunday, November 30, 2008

Obsessive much

OK. So, I have this problem. I can be a tad bit obsessive. I do it with many things in my life. I love The Sims2 PC game. I love it so much that I have every expansion pack ever created and I belong to a few online groups (bowing head in shame). I might play for a few weeks straight. It gets to the point where I have a hard time leaving the house because I need to make sure the current young adult Sim I'm playing graduates from college successfully while maintaining all 25 of her best friend relationships. I know. Sad. But then, I snap out of it and I go about my real life, completely putting aside the simulated ones.

I've done this with a number of things in my life. I know it's probably extremely unhealthy. Anyway, my latest obsession...Twilight. I never imagined I'd even want to read the series much less be obsessed with them. I can't get enough. I happily finished the first book in a couple of days, mostly because I was trying to be responsible and study in between reading chapters. I wanted to read it so I could see the movie opening night with my friend. Mission accomplished. I fell in love with the characters even more after watching the movie. Even though, the movie can't even begin to touch the excellence of the book.

So, I borrow the second book in the series, New Moon. I devour it in a matter of a day. I couldn't put it down. It helped that the day out was gloomy and the family was lounging around anyway, which gave me the perfect excuse to waste my day reading. After finishing New Moon, I couldn't sit still, I needed to get the third book, Eclipse. I merely wanted to have it on hand, "so I could read a chapter here and there" is what I kept telling myself and my wonderful sympathetic husband. Ya know, in between laundry and studying.

I'm not sure Mike quite understands my obsessions but I'm sure his love for me is blind because he took pity on me and drove me around town trying to track down the book. It was out of stock every where we went. I was just about to give up hope, when I noticed the Kmart, "Does anyone really shop there? I bet they'll have it. Let's try there." Mike and the kids drop me off at the door before parking to wait. Instead of aimlessly wandering around the Kmart in search of the book section, I ask a sales associate who points me in the right direction.

It was all I had in me not to sprint across the store. As I approached the book section, which was a one rack display with books on both sides but smaller than my bookshelf at home, I begin to prepare myself for the let down. I decided to go ahead and check. I circled the little book display not seeing anything worth purchasing and began to accept defeat, when THERE IT WAS. The thick 629 page book and its black cover are donning the torn red ribbon majestically. It was out of place and the only book there written by Stephenie Meyer. I stopped breathing for a second and smile from ear to ear. I wanted to jump up and down squealing in delight but I contained myself. The book could have had dog poop smeared on it and I would have gladly still purchased it, along with some Clorox wipes, of course.

Obsessed is putting it mildly.

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Cheri said...

great I was going to pick it up while I was out today! Hopefully I will have better luck than you! ;P