Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More than enough - Recovery

Mike is doing much better than he was even a month ago. He had an exploratory surgery mid-October that showed he didn't have any major damage in his knee, which is where he was experiencing a lot of pain during physical therapy. It took him about a month to recover from the surgery and then the doctors took away his cane and recommended he push through the pain. He's on his feet with no assistance but he won't be running anytime soon.

There has been talk of putting some army gear on him in the next few months to see how he can support the weight. His job requires him to carry a heavy (sometimes 75lb) rucksack, along with a gun and other gear. The weight on his injured leg may be too much for him to continue his career path, which is fine by me. I'd love to see him behind a desk, even though I know he'd be miserable. As a family, I think we've had enough of the long deployments and close calls.

Like I mentioned before, physically, his recovery has been amazing. It's hard to believe that just 9 months ago he was in a hospital bed for a month and we had no idea what the future would hold. Today, I'm able to watch him walk around (albeit with a little limp in his step) and do almost everything he was able to do before the injury. God has blessed us beyond what we ever imagined. So, I don't have a hard time believing that God will also help to heal our broken spirits. That process has already begun.

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MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Please know you are all in my heart and prayers.