Monday, February 20, 2006

plumber butt pays

Well, it appears that I have found the profession that everyone should aspire to if they are interested in making tons of money. Plumbing. That's right. I know the idea of morphing into a fat bald guy whose pants never seem to fit above his beer gut, doesn't sound all that appealing to most, but please understand you will make a ton of money. So, a little plumber butt might not be so bad.

I went to Georgia to visit a friend. We had a lovely time destroying her house, but if that wasn't enough, I decide to accidentially knock something into her toilet causing her to spend roughly $500 getting it out. I think the plumber got about $300 of that, the other $200 was spent on a new toilet. Yep, when I wreak havoc I go all out for the occassion.

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