Friday, February 10, 2006

"sticky" blogs

It seems that so many bloggers out there are interesting and vivacious. They have things to tell; like travel, politics, family and all with a comical approach that makes you want to bookmark their site. That way you always have entry into their minds, whether for a laugh or just because you find it an interesting read.

What makes a blogger 'sticky' for you? (Sticky = bookmarked in your favorites.)
These sticky blogs have a way of making you look forward to log on to your computer to check out what they have to say. You may even have their schedule down, which may be considered stalker material. But you link to them and email your friends about them and they become your mentors within the blogging world.

May sound silly, but I'm under the impression that blogging is indeed its own intricate community of interesting individuals that are merely sharing their lives and thoughts with the rest of us. Somehow it's much bigger than all that though. You can laugh, learn and grow from the stories they tell. Amazing.

I'm a new blogger and have lots to learn. But on the right, you'll find a few of the sticky blogs that I've added to my life. Thanks for the laughs!

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