Wednesday, November 15, 2006

zombie & Thanks

When an obsession takes over all aspects of your life, you realize that you no longer have the ability to function without that one thing being on your mind constantly. As I sort my laundry I'm trying to think of ways to add colorful details that might interest someone if they read my blog. Mundane chores like scrubbing a toilet or walking to the car to bring my children to school are all open for discussion.

Maybe if I add that I first clogged the toilet, before scrubbing it, with the most ungodly thing you ever did see and yes it came out of my body, you might come back to read more. Or if I tell you that my children were so enamored by a wiggly worm crawling on the side walk, that they caused their mommy to trip on her way to the car, causing a passing car to honk in applause, you might think about leaving a comment. These things may or may not be true, but regardless I'm here to tell you that I've turned into a NaBloPoMo zombie. Not a good thing when you have a friend with a zombie phobia.

When something happens in our home that is remotely comical, my husband immediately asks, "You're not going to blog this are you?" (He doesn't read my blog, so what he doesn't know won't kill him.) He walked in on me laying in bed trying to think of my next blog content and I didn't realize he was there because I was staring very intently at the light fixture. "Hon, you're starting to scare me." I couldn't tell him what I was thinking about or he may pull the plug on the computer. We're at the halfway mark and I have my eye focused on the end goal ::FREE STUFF::

I'd like to say Thank You to all of you out there taking the time to read all the blogs entered. Especially Suzanne. You TOTALLY Rock!

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Boegle said...

I blogged a video of my husband snoring. He made me take it off. (sigh). It seems so unfair! I guess I could film myself snoring. talk about a zombie! Keep on keepin on!