Thursday, October 30, 2008

Living in LaLa Land

I don't want to grow up. I have bills, laundry, and meals to prepare. I have boo-boos to mend, and beds to make. Dishes to wash and a yard to mow. But more than anything I'd rather draw pictures on the pavement with side walk chalk and play hop scotch. I want to chase the ice cream truck down for a cherry screwball. I want to jump on a bike and pretend that it's a chariot whisking me away to a new kingdom that only I am able to rule. I want to twirl around in a flowing skirt to the sound of birds singing, until puking snaps me back to reality.

I wrote that almost 2 years ago. I didn't publish it. Probably because it wasn't a finished thought. I was obviously stressed out and not wanting to deal with the responsibilities of life in that moment. Reading it again, sounds like lots of fun. But my perspective has changed a bit. It's a little less selfish maybe. Now I'd rather make sure my children experience all of those things. At least in this moment, I want to make sure that their days aren't filled with homework, tasks and obligations. It's still I Have Wonderful Kids Awareness Month and I suppose I just needed a reminder that in the midst of all the chores and studying, I need to take a moment to teach them how to enjoy life. I need to let them visit LaLa Land every now and again.

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Steph said...

your blog is so festive! i love it! and you should really go ahead and succumb. read the books, girl :)