Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day

My SniperToday, on Veteran's Day, my husband is attending a memorial service in Iraq because they lost a soldier a few days ago.

Most days I don't allow myself to think about where my husband is and what he's doing. I know, this sounds heartless. In my situation there's a fine line. I love my husband deeply, but to stay sane I do have to become heartless. I pray for him often but I can't torture myself with the thoughts of him never returning to us. Unfortunately, that's our reality.

I've heard the statement, "I just don't know how you do it" too many times to count. I think other army wives/spouses would agree that we do it the best way we can. For some of us, it's switching off emotion, for others it's immersing in the news. Some have just been at this for so long, it's old hat. Maybe, I need a pep talk from a military spouse 'veteran'.

We shouldn't forget about them today. All those wonderful women/men who kept their chins up day to day and pushed through the loneliness waiting for their soldiers to come home. They've been among us during every war throughout the ages, and they've been just as unappreciated as the soldiers were during Vietnam. Worse, they get overlooked.

So, I salute you today, the military veterans' spouses. Your soldiers deserve this day for remembrance and prayer, and today you deserve our utmost respect and prayers for giving just as much. You give your livelihood when you're soldier serves. You give your heart.

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